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Launch of the World's First A.I. Vehicle and Property Fire or Flood Damage Loss Mitigation System

The Insur Tech Labs A.I. Vehicle and Property Fire or Flood Damage Loss Mitigation system is scientifically engineered to minimize flood damage to vehicles and property on either an individual basis or on a mass scale. It can be deployed in a matter of minutes and gives the ability to increase the chances of recovery and recyclability of important vehicle components, particularly electrical components, and household and office goods. The module works by using AI, embedded analytics, and proprietary gasses developed to stop corrosion of electrical components. The system is still being further developed but is ready for immediate orders without autonomous features.

Below is an informative and interactive virtual tour of the full-scale system with videos and audio files which explain how the system functions, its potential uses, and the journey from being launched at COP26 to the latest demonstration for members of the Scottish Parliament and the Minister of Trade. The tour includes visuals inside the Filter Module, the Main Module, the Control Room, an image of the Thermal Barrier, an article about potential use cases, and a profile of the Scientist Mohammed Iftkhar. There are also key features of the module highlighted within such as the filters, Double zippers and two-way air seal flaps, the gas ports, the exterior thermal barrier, and the large viewing windows just to name a few.

You begin the tour inside the Filter Module. There is no right or wrong way to move throughout the Vehicle Flood Damage Mitigation Module tour. We welcome you to explore the module in its entirety and to watch the videos to gain more information to discover if the module can meet your needs while making a positive impact on the environment, all while saving money on energy and increasing the value of recovered vehicles and property content.

To navigate within the tour, click the circles on the floor and the arrows which are placed near eye level to move around the module. The door icon will let you enter and exit the control room from the Filter Module.

The icons which show a play button will start short explanation videos about the module and key components and features.


The icons with a speaker icon will play an audio clip which you can listen to which will provide additional details about the part of the module you are currently looking at.

Within the tour you will be able to navigate and move around by the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen as well, giving you the ability to jump between the listed modules:

Filter Module

Main Module

Control Room

Thermal Barrier

A.I. Platform

Double click inside the tour for full screen. Press escape to exit full screen.

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